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How to Price your Home to Sell – Video Series

Introduction to Series 2: Pricing your home

One of the biggest issues you will have in selling your home is getting the price right. Instead of abdicating on this subject, I want you to understand how it all works. Then, you can make better decisions for yourself.

Video 1. Pricing – Why agents get a bad rap…

It’s simple. Any rift between the public’s perception of this industry and reality comes from the difference between the emotional price a seller thinks their home is worth, and the market value.

2. You must price within the reaction zone

In the next four videos, I’m going to show you, in the simplest way I can, how pricing works in real estate. I’ll begin by explaining the idea of the ‘reaction zone’ and its impact on asking price.

3. What happens when you inflate the price?

The idea that you have to put a lead price on a property – inflate the asking price so the buyers offer close to what you want – is nonsense. The opposite is true.

4. How do you estimate market value?

The most common way the market, and also agents, valuers and buyers, value your home is by way of comparison.

5. Questions frequently asked about pricing

In this video, I answer three questions frequently raised about pricing.

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