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Negotiating the Deal

Series 6: Negotiating the Deal

Negotiating the deal is a huge part of all sales. It is the most intimidating aspect of it all. Again I want you to know how this all works so you can make conscious decisions for yourself and are not reliant on others to get what you want.

So make notes and see how this all relates to you.

Introduction to series 6

1. What to consider when assessing an offer

When you get the news an offer is pending, you will be in one of two situations. I’m going to talk you through both of these, so that you can make the best decision

2. Negotiation variable other than price

If an agreement is close, but not quite there, you can sweeten the deal for the buyers by being flexible on other issues that might be important to them.

3. Work these through before you say yes

When you do get an offer, you have three options, really. First, you can accept it and it’s a deal. Second, you can reject it and risk the chance the whole thing is over. Thirdly, you can negotiate.

4. An Advanced way to decide about an offer

In this video, I outline an exercise you can try if you are really struggling to decide about an offer.

5. Getting Multiple offers

In this video, I comment on the situation where you have multiple offers.

6. Getting the house ready for sale

A couple of things I want to make clear. You need to walk around your house with fresh eyes. What would you do?, change? Make a list.

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